Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life is Super Lame Without Friends

Taking my eating and cooking addiction online was one of my best decisions of the year as I have found more people like me with amazing ideas and uber warm personalities. Thanks to many a blogger, I found my way to the Leftover Queen and then to the Foodie BlogRoll (psst, look to your right) and then onto This network is so exciting and I can't wait to see where it will take my cooking and more exciting, what it's going to do to my palette. ! GRAZIE !

Becky Osborne, an incredible friend of mine in the physical world, visited me this past weekend to celebrate her birthday. We met over metal music, if you can believe it! Both of our boyfriends were the guitar players in an independent metal band and we definitely did a lot of what we call 'hardcore hoedown' (I hope you all laugh at this as hard as I do):
She hijacked my kitchen last weekend!

Becky has been telling me cooking Asia food has got her goat; for her bday gift I gave her a big ole Foods and Recipes of Thailand cookbook. One of our fav past times was finding the best pad thai in all of Orlando before she left me for West Palm Beach, so I thought the gift appropriate.
Well, who knew that on her birthday celebration she would end up making me a chicken mushroom coconut milk soup and a shrimp pad thai!!

Even though I was the maid of honor at her 2006 wedding, I still wish I would have married her. :)
Becky is an amazing visual artist unafraid of taking on any new medium. Her eye and ability to create baffles me waaayyy beyond the kitchen and the meals we've shared together. Her 2006 wedding was totally DIY from start to finish. I made the wedding invitations, she sewed her veil, we both cooked along with others to feed all guests, her handmade decorations put Martha Stewart to shame, AND she made her own wedding cake and the groom's cake in her mother-in-law's kitchen.

2006 Becky's Wedding Cakes by Becky
2006 Adam's Grooms Cake by Becky

Guests at her wedding were so impression, she started getting orders. What you see is what Becky can do in an apartment kitchen!

2007 Wedding & Groom's Cakes for Friends Chuck and Traci
2008 Wedding Cake w/Gumpaste Orchids for Corrina & Tyler

2008 Groom's Cake for Tyler
She is most def an Ace of Cakes, and when she tasted the cookies stashed from the trio platter I made we both bounced around the idea of opening our own bakery in Orlando, FL specializing in custom cakes and confections!! This is just the very inception of this idea because, well I just got a Master's in a technical field so I think I should use that for a minute. But the idea of running my own bakery with a friend I love and respect is so tempting. Who knows what will happen but I do wonder if a custom cake bakery will rocket in Orlando? Anybody out there with some input on this adventure would be greatly appreciated. I love making new friends!!


Jescel said...

that is great for your both. Definitely ala-Ace of Cakes.. hire all your friends and open a specialty bakeshop! Wish you luck, guys... and oh, regarding the close-up pic -- if your camera has the close-up icon (a flower/tulip), use that. I am using a Cannon Rebel XT. It's a great camera. If you love taking pics. Invest in a better cam. It's worth it!

christie said...

Wow! Becky's wedding cakes are amazing! I wouldn't have been calm enough to make mine ;)

Thanks for popping by my corner of the world - Ive answered your question about rocket.

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