Friday, May 30, 2008

Is My Family Italian Wedding Soup a Winner?

Before I graduated from UCF this past May I pre-supposed that without a full-time school schedule I would have A LOT of constructive energy idling in my hands, and I wanted to put that time to use on things I love to do. One evening I was at home with friends with a chocolate chip cookie Food Network Challenge came on television. I adore making chocolate chip cookies and have been cultivating my recipe since I was 11 years old so when I saw what looked like mildly atrocious cookies from the contestants on TV, I jumped off my couch and immediately began baking. It was an instant epiphany of, "I can do that!" That's when it dawned on me to start entering cooking and recipe contests for fun. I've entered two so far and just submitted my family' Italian Wedding Soup recipe to Cooking Light Ultimate Reader Recipe Contest.

Wish me Luck!

Meatless Italian Wedding Soup


Laurie said...

Good Luck!! I love this recipe.. Hope to hear you'll be a winner! I get so scared of entering recipe contests..rejection is "oh so painful" :) :) I put little meatballs in my wedding soup..and lots of Parma cheese on top! See you in the winners circle!

Susan said...

Love this soup, but am even more intrigued that yours is meatless. Will you be sharing the recipe after the contest is over or will it be posted on the Cooking Light site at some point? Good Luck!

CaptnRachel aka Tha Pizza Cutta said...

Laurie - thanks for the encouragement! Contests are definitely a roll of the dice, but I like the challenges and with the student loan debt, I could sure use that prize money!!

Susan - I love this soup too, so simple and tasty. Once the contest is over I will for sure post the recipe. I hope you get to make it sometime soon :)

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