Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Building the Dynamic Dimensions Brand

Tile sublimation is complicated process involving heat presses, inks, polymers and other such things that are too technical for me to explain all in blog post. In short, tile sublimation is a process that prints whatever images you want onto tiles permanently. This fun new tile application is what Dynamic Dimensions of Winter Park, FL specialize in.
For example, this tile piece to the left of a montage of Tramine Dion's art. Check out his art show next week at Built 4 Speed Tattoos in Downtown Orlando.

If you recall a few posts back, I designed their business card and they liked it so much they came back to me for their brochure. Everything I ever learned about designing marketing materials is about creating a look that is consistent and instantly recognizable plus distinguishable. This is the essence to it means to build a brand (visually speaking). Since design is about behavior, I thought the best plan was to take the business card design and transpose it to a brochure design. What is below is the trifold brochure outside in its first inception. The inside is still under heavy construction so I'll post that later in the game. There will be many more drafts before its complete but I like where its going.


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