Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Built 4 Speed Tattoo Website

It has been quite a while since I've posted any new work, but I swear I've been working! Since May freelance slowed a bit because I've been hired full-time at the RETRO Lab at The Institute for Simulation and Training. The only project outside of RETRO that I've completed is the Built 4 Speed Tattoo site. The graphics were done by Beth Burkhart, so my major contribution was implementing the dynamic functionality via JavaScript for the rollover menu, Lightbox gallery and the Switch Content Script which expands and contracts content. Of course none of that could have been acheived without the awesome online sources dynamicdrive.com and huddletogether.com.

This first pic shows the Switch Content feature for bios. By choosing a tattoo artists hyperlink name, their biography with their photo will expand or contract depending on the user's desire. You can also expand all and contract all with this great script.

This next pic shows the Lightbox Gallery feature. I have traversed the Internet searching for non-Flash galleries in both sites and development boards and lightbox is the best display and the most functional. Basically, if you've got to build a gallery, go with lightbox and definitely use the board provided for questions.