Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009's Greatest Missed Dishes, Blueberry Kiwi Cobbler Pie

The twilight of 2009 is upon us now and 201o's sun is starting to rise. I am mega-eager for the new year. Pete and I only have a few short years before we turn the big 3-0 so this year we are going on an adventure. We haven't decided where too yet, but the anticipation is boiling over! When the information of where-to-next becomes available I will of course share it with all of you beautiful people.

But before we start 2010, I would like to give credence to the posts that never made it to Laptops and Stovetops in 2009. The dishes were in fact sublime, but either I didn't write down the recipe or the timing was all off to get them posted or some other lame and not worthy excuse. This blunder or oversight of mine has now feed a new 2010 resolution-Post in a timely manner! Don't dilly-dally! Show the world your goods! Viva la Laptops and Stovetops!

So without futher ado, I give you the first great missed dish of 2009, Blueberry Kiwi Cobbler Pie.

What I do recall about this dish is it was summer and I needed to make use of some leftover blueberries and kiwis. My first thought of fruit is always some sort of baked good, but in this particular dish I wanted to jazz up the normal combo fruit pie so I tried my hand at making a cobbler topping in place of the traditional pie crust. The result was stellar. I couldn't not keep my lips away from this pie! Much to my dismay, this was a baked dish from the hip ( I heart Cat Cora), ergo there is no written record of ingredient quantities nor recollection of the methodical steps taken in the process. Please forgive my fury while creating my baked goods. 'Tis my and your cross to bear.

Here we see the kiwis are sliced and skinned. I am almost positive I didn't not dress the kiwis with any lemon juice or sugar. They went in as is.

The blueberries were washed and definitely dressed in sugar and lemon juice. I can't recall if I used any other flavor with the berries.

Here is the cobbler topping before baking. Its a basic cobbler, so if you have a fav already I would go with it.

Voila! The final version all baked up and ready to go.

Finally, this dessert is best eaten outside on a sunny day garnished with a small flower frommy downstairs neighbor's garden. I recommend it for breakfast, or lunch, or whenever! Its got fruit, so it must be sort-of healthy, right?

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon for more Greatest Missed Dishes of 2009!


Angie's Recipes said...

I have never had a pie made with kiwi! Yours look scrumptious! The colour, the shape, the texture...are just perfect.

Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Yum - like Angie, I have never seen cobbler made with kiwi but this looks srcumptious. Well done!

katty said...

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kimberly said...

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badloi said...

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