Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009's Great Missed Dish #2, Peach Turnovers

2009 was a year of culinary exploration for myself. After dominating the Christmas Timpano in 2008 I knew I wanted to try more new and difficult dishes in the kitchen for 2009. I wanted to dive into ingredients and dishes previously hitherto scared the ever-loving-ish out of me, and do my best to become skilled with them. One such scary ingredient was puff pastry. Why was I scared of such an awesome ingredient? I don't know and maybe 'scared' is not the correct term, perhaps 'in awe of' is a better fit. I love the texture of the buttery pastry dough but was also fully aware of its extreme delicacy. I may have been known to man-handle my food from time-to-time so to tackle puff pastry I started small with Peach Turnovers for my 2nd Great Missed Dish of 2009. Since the purpose of this dessert was education, I turned Peach Turnover Recipe for instruction.

The occasion was a visit of my Dad and older brother, Jeremy. Jeremy went to see our Dad and Joyce family in Naples, FL for July 4th and then ventured North to see me. Of course, we all were meeting for yet another tremendous dinner at the Triolo table. Mr. T. provided the caponata which is to die for as well as the pasta con sarde (pasta with sardines). As per usual, the dessert was my deed to do. Peach turnovers were already on my mind and I knew I could sub the sugar in the peach mixture with Splenda for my Pops, so that is exactly what I did. The ripe peaches of summer were so flavorful, one truly could not tell the difference. Therefore, making its debut about five months late to Laptops and Stovetops I give you Peach Turnovers.

I used canned peaches for the extra peach juice the recipe called for. However, I did use the actual canned peaches in the turnovers. Just gimme the juice!

This is a shot of the cornstarch, sugar (or Splenda), and the peach juice starting to bubble and thicken.

I just love this photo! Squares of puff pastry.

For kicks, I added chocolate chips to a few turnovers.

MMmmm, hot and puffy out of the oven!

The turnovers were dusted with confectionery's sugar and some ground cocoa roasted almonds I had on hand.

In addition to the turnover triangle shape, I tried a long rectangle shape (in back) thinking it would set so I could cut strips in time for dessert. It was a mildly successful serving idea.

There we have it! Another Great Missed Dish for 2009 finally getting its just desserts, and trust me there is more! I am going on a posting marathon today trying to get all my missed dishes of 2009 online before the clock strikes midnight. Wish me Luck!


pollicino said...

Happy New Year for 2010

Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Rachel - I am so impressed with all these posts and your energy and enthusiasm in the kitchen! These look great - again, something I am afraid of (augh - the dreaded pastry!!!)

Anonymous said...

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