Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blogger Awards from Laura @LittleChef&I

What is the best way to start a Tuesday? I think a new, shiny award is the best way to start a Tuesday. The lovely Laura from Little Chef & I across The Pond named L&S as one of her fav blogs and passed on the following two awards to me:

Per my acceptance speech, here are 7 things about moi:

1.) I have 3 tattoos and I want more. My tattoo-artist boyfriend and I are coming up on our two-year anniversary. Yay!

2.) One day I think I'd like to attempt stand-up comedy. In short, I want to Single-White-Female Tina Fey.

4.) I can't turn down curry at anytime of the day.

5.) I'm kinda pissed I can't put down candy like I used too on account of the hypoglycemia and all. Too much sugar makes we whoozy.

6.) My Great-Grandmother was not only an astounding Italian cook, her name was Elviria which I find alluring.

7.) At first, I hated Twitter so much I mocked it and now I am addicted.

Now onto my 7 Award-Worthy blogger friends:

1.) Mardi my Canadian Comrade @Eat, Live, Travel, Write

2.) Dara, another Crafty Cook hailing from Canada @Cooking Canuck

3.) Linda, a saucy lady saavy in the kitchen @SaltySeattle

4.) Silvia, a super creative chef in San Fran @Citronetvanille

5.) Miranda, a super mom and cook @My Food and Life Encounters

7.) DoggyBloggy a super fun food enthusiast, @Chez What?

Thanks to everybody in the foodie blogosphere for being you. Don't go changin'!


Mardi @eatlivetravelwrite said...

Awwwww - thanks Rachel!!! Will be accepting and passing on later...

doggybloggy said...

thats sweeter than candy! Thanks so much I will proudly accept and graciously pass it along....

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your awards! Going to check out your article on the coffee drink now!

linda said...

you are awesome! awards are great too, congratulations, and thank you. my third and final point, you crack me up- love your work!

Anonymous said...

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