Monday, April 13, 2009

Sushi and Thai Too in Naples, FL

(Above: My Dad singing to me at Hot Olives in Winter Park, FL May 2008 after I received my Master's Degree from UCF.)

To celebrate this Easter holiday I ventured to southwest Florida where my Philadelphia, Irish family has migrated and settled into over the past fifteen years following my grandparents retirement. Naples is a playground town for the wealthy, semi-wealthy, and the retired. Tons of coastline boasts sublime niches of beaches, and where there is recreation and relaxation there are also a bevy of restaurants. Naples has a lot of different cuisines to choose from and my dad and I are no stranger to these culinary establishments. For last Saturday's lunch I told my dad to pick a place we have yet to try; something new. Upon his decent on downtown Naples which butts up to the large public beach, he saw Sushi and Thai Too on the corner of 5th Ave and US 41.

Coming directly from Bikram Yoga, I had not yet eaten so I was ready to 'throw-down' on delicious, fresh sushi. After ninety minutes in a 100 degree room with a fierce, Latina instructor I earned the right to lunch out. Our first course at Sushi and Thai too was a Thai Squid Salad with mild spiciness. The salad was fair but it had more sea cucumber than actual squid, and I am pretty sure I ordered a squid salad. After that faux pas of a course, my dad and I ordered three rolls for the main event, a Sakesu Roll of tuna and crab wrapped in cucumber, a Black Dragon Roll composed of shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado, scallions and topped with eel and eel sauce, and a Lobster Roll which is 6oz of dual presented lobster tail; half tempura battered and half sliced plus a roll of yumminess to finish the dish, or for Ss&Gs.

Lobster Roll (iPhones can take some great pics!)

Black Dragon Roll (measures in length with Dad's Buddha Belly)
Sakesu Roll
Both the Lobster Roll and the Black Dragon Roll were beyond lavish decadence. The velvety textures of avocado and lobster accompanied by the crunch on the shrimp and lobster tempura was a knock-out for the oral sensors. Plus, their sauces were portioned oh so right with great flavor in spicy mayo and eel sauces especially. The Sakesu was light, and although I joke about the silliness of pro cooks and foodies using the word 'bright' (what, is the food blinding to look at?) to describe food, I think this roll qualifies as a bright food as the freshness and moisture oozes after the initial bite. Since the other rolls had such robust flavor and texture, the Sakesu served as a lovely refresher to the palette. The only criticism for the Sakesu was the use of imitation crab instead of the real thing. Note to Sushi and Thai Too: you are on a coastline and you charge a good amount of dinero for your food, i.e., spring for the real crab por favor!

Completely full and totally satisfied, Daddy picked up the bill as I skipped off to the beach nearby for some sunny digestion. When you're Daddy's little girl, you can always go home again. :)


Lo said...

Sounds like you had a great time with family over the holiday! Such sweet sentiments about your dad.

Your description of those rolls made my mouth water. Lobster... YUM.

Sheila said...

I was a Daddy's girl, too! The food looks amazing; good thing daddy picked up the bill:) Congratulations on your accomplishment.

Proud Italian Cook said...

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on your Masters, thats quite an accomplishment! And that food id to die for!

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