Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food Network Audition DENIED. Vivia La Food Adventurers.

I did it. I took the deep dive down to the underworld and tried out for a reality show. I suppose the depravity of this show isn't quite so low as say Paradise Island because our audition was for a new show called 'Eat the Clock' for the Food Network. The premise is simple: contestants race around the city to complete food-based challenges until someone wins, pukes, cries, or dies. The show name has now changed to 'City vs. Chefs' which also explains how the incredible food adventurers audition my brother and I did was not chosen as one of the 'outstanding' videos (contestants all have to be chefs now which wasn't the original qualification). All griping aside because I went to college instead of culinary school and without further ado, it is my joy to bring 'Food Adventurers' from all of me to all of you:

One last note as this entertainment marinates in your brain, each one of those stories are 100% true and 100% stupid.

Rachel 'Tha Pizza Cutta', Food Adventurer, OUT!


rmartone133 said...

Great Video, at least you had the guts to try. Maybe next time, keep at it.

Laurie said...

Oh my gosh Rachel!! This is hot.. what dya mean it was denied! :) And ice cream cakes and crab must be an Italian thing.. I still make ice cream cakes for my kids' birthdays whether they want them or not! :) Loved the video.. REALLY!

Proud Italian Cook said...

Rachel, I loved the video!!!! Whats wrong with FN, they're crazy!
They have no clue! You're a doll and so is your brother!

Mary Louise Penaz said...

The way I see it, you did an excellent Food Memory Throw-down. If they aren't ready for you two, someone will be some day. Will make a good come-back story. :-)

Enjoyed it!

Mary Louise

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