Monday, April 14, 2008

Portobellos, Sweet Potatoes, Salami and Spinach

Today I entered my first recipe contests and even if I don't win any cash prizes or get my food printed in a magazine, at least I get to eat really delicious food all this week! I entered three dishes to two different contests. I entered my Portobello Rockfeller and Spinach Salami Sammies to the Taste of Home's Party-Perfect Appetizers. Pictures of the finished dishes are below and I'll be sure to post the recipe once the contest is over.
Portobello Rockefeller

Spinach & Salami Sammies

The last dish I entered is dear to me and I've been indulging myself in it's yumminess since I was even shorter than I am now (and I'm 5'1"). My mother Loretta Festa would make this dish every Thanksgiving, but only at Thanksgiving making my older brothers and I salivate all year for it. She never formally named her dish so I call it Mama's Sweet & Nutty Sweet Potatoes and I entered it for the a grand prize of $3000 in the Get Fresh with North Carolina Sweet Potatoes Recipe
Mama's Sweet & Nutty Sweet Potatoes

Wish me luck, but either way, boy did all of this taste realllll good.


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