Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunar Quest gets Femm-i-nized

The NSF funded project of developing a hybrid MMOG serious game we've titled Lunar Quest, is coming to a close. We project to wrap development for Phase 1 of this game by the end of May before it's June 2008 online Beta release. Lunar Quest runs on the Multiverse engine and to play the game, you can download the client from and start playing (so long as you have a Windows OPS).

The game is to serve as a new tool for learning Physics informally, and was designed by gaming professionals, Physics professors, Psychology Research Scientists, and Flash developers. Lunar Quest takes place in a 3D Moon environment but the Physics lessons actually pop-up in 2D integrated Flash minigames. We not only are trying to innovate classic education but we are also pushing the limits of the technology we use to innovate MMOG game design and status quo. And in addtion to all that, we got ourselves one hell of a Lunar Colonization Authority Female Cadet Squad! Check em out--> (By 3D modeler/animator Brent Hermanski)


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