Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eating Philly, my iPhone Photo Travel Journal

A few weeks back I was honored with a request to write a guest post for Eat, Live, Travel, Write while Mardi is away on an exotic adventure to Laos. Being the dedicated Aussie food blogger she is, she wanted her blog watched over in her absence. Inspired by her protective nature, of course I accepted. Wanting to stay true to ELTW's themes, I supplied Mardi with Eating Philly, my iPhone Photo Travel Journal.

(TastyKake Row: TastyKakes have been produced in Pennsylvania for many years and everybody has their favorite TastyKake snack.)

My ELTW post is an iPhone photo showcase and history lesson chronicling my recent trip to the Philadelphia area and my daily indulgences of Southeastern Pennsylvania/New Jersey foods that aren't the cheesesteak. If you are curious about the regional specialities of pork roll, hoagies, peanut chews, water ice and more please follow this like, Eating Philly, to my guest post on ELTW. Mardi, thanks so much for my chance to share my childhood foods with the otherside of this world. Cheers!


redkathy said...

being a philly girl, i must say you have to try some tomato pie!

mardi said...

Thank YOU for such a wonderfully detailed post!!!

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dude I don't want to question your food tastes, but how can you eat that? I mean is like open a fat bag and eat it, is the typical food for someone that live alone, and is so lazzy to prepare something.

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