Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ch. 3 - Cookies for Santa to Cookies for All

Now that the truth of why we bake for Santa has been revealed exclusively on LaptopsandStovetops, let's demonstrate one such offering. Namely the cookie spread created by yours truly not only to appease the great Santa Claus but also as gifts for to appease others. Myself and many others applied the theory that if cookies bring luck and survival from Santa, than the same gift could bring the same thing from others.

First, remember the ginger breads from Chapter 1 of the Origins of Christmas Cookie Baking. Second is St. Nick's personal favorite, the almighty Chocolate Chip. Third is a Festa family tradition of Peanut Butter Cranberry Granola Squares. Fourth is a new delight from Eastern Europe, a Cream Cheese Apricot Thumbprint that is less sweet than most Christams cookie offerings. Fifth and final in the offering chain is the Italian delight, the Pingoli.
The final outcome is a mega offering for Santa and co-workers alike! HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND I HOPE WE ALL LEARNED SOMETHING!


Vallie said...

I would love the recipe for your cream cheese thumbprints. Do you mind posting it?

Ricardo said...

That is so nice really is, both the cookies and the fact that you gave it to your co-workers...luvd it.
I done something similar, with savoury food, (is just an idea), I made tons of spicy chicken wings and other delights, sold them to my co-workers, and gave all the money earned to charity... well done my friend I really enjoyed coming here and seeing someone with such a great heart... xx

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