Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Confessions of a Distracted Blogger

I must confess. I have been a terrible blogger failing to generate enough content over the past few months to keep even my own attention. Alas, I let life get in the way. Please let me surmise that which distracted my blog-tention before we get to the soup d'jour: Whole Roasted Sesame Ginger Chicken with Roasted Pineapple, Red Onion and Garlic.

Part and parcel of a workshop for The Office of the Secertary of Defense held and hosted by our RETRO Lab Directors and event organized by myself along with the incredible staff of the IDA Lab in Alexandria, VA, I made my very first trip to our nation's capital Washington, D.C.. Being raised in Philadelphia, you'd think I would have already made it there seeing as how I've been to Baltimore more times than I actually care to count. The truth is, I was waiting for the opportunity to present itself because I knew I would need to be mature enough to accept the depth of the awe I felt for my country.

Due to our work schedule, I had mere hours at the end of each evening to make my way through stunning architecture, countless musuems, and the largest collection of American monuments anywhere. Had it not been July, most attractions would not have been open until 9PM to accompany summer tourism hours. After hooofing through the Air & Space Museum and then over to the Capital Building on the first evening, I took the second evening to push my limit going from The Smithosian Gardens to The Washington Monument, The WWII Memorial, The Reflecting Pool, The Lincoln Monumnet, The White House and then to the The National Museum of Crime and Punishment (I'll explain, be patient) before it stops selling tickets at 8PM.

I made it to everything but The White House when I realized that the city blocks are much larger than in Philadelphia on account on the enormous size of the Federal and Museum buildings. While holding a fabulous conversation with one of my oldest friends Denise, I worked my hips like an Olympic speedwalker burning from 23rd Avenue to 7th where The National Crime and Punishment Museum is located. This museum opened this past May and while it holds some great relics like Bonnie & Clyde's acutal car with bullet holes, it also encases a personal national treasure. In the prison sector of the museum there is a permanent art display of 25 historically traditional prison tattoo designs drawn by the love of my life, Peter Rosario Triolo. As I came upon his installation, the overwhelming feeling of excitement and extreme pride filled me up until my lungs were constricting making it oddly hard to breath. Here, you gaze upon his national, historical piece of art and share in my glory:

Post-beaming, getting back home meant a day or two to rest my bones before ripping back into work. Oh a girl can dream can't she. After our very successful workshop, waiting for me back at my desk was an internal audit for seven months worth of Lab bank statements. Receipt gathering and number crunching left me partially brain dead but I did have time to cook up a few things of which I have pictures of only one. What didnt' make to the the camera was Lemon Pepper Seared Chicken Breasts and my fist Pesto Pinwheel Pasta. Both were good but each lacked the 'WOW' factor in their own ways. However, my Whole Roasted Sesame Ginger Chicken did not at all disappoint. For your enjoyment (and again for my own glory), here are 3 views of my first roasted chicken:

Boy oh boy do I love BoGos. The Sesame Ginger marinade was part 2 of a BoGo deal and already stocked in my kitchen were the complimentary ingredients of pineapple, red onion and garlic cloves. I roasted each separately and added them all to the roasting pan holding the chicken for the last 30 minutes. Sweet and savory; does it get any better?


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