Thursday, April 19, 2007

Graphics & Sites from 2004-2007

Please browse my print and digital graphics portfolio of past successes of Making Bad Media Feel Good.

April 2007 Concert Poster:

Ad printed in October 2006 Paste
and No Depression Magazines:

Osborne-Phillips 2-Piece Wedding Invitation, October 2006:
1st Piece:

2nd Piece:

Samples of Ads printed in May 2006's Orlando Fringe Festival Program:

2006 Orlando Fringe Festival Annual Fundraiser Postcard:


Logotypes, Icons and Banners for

Dr J Media Services Logo:

Black Hat Society Logo:

Orlando Fringe Theatre Festival Website Designer & Webmaster from 2005-2007.

Proposed Website for Orlando Photog
rapher Alicia Lyman.

Sundance Online Film Festival digital retrospective
featured on the SOFF site during the 2005 season. Student-team project from 2005; Dr. J performed the role of Content Manager.

Course Sites from UCF Digital Media Division 2004-2006: - research project run b
y Dr. R. Kenny of UCF. Dr. J was the Artistic Director for site design, student-built in 2004-2005 (site has been redesigned since).

Writing for Media is a relatively new course for Digital Media majors at UCF. This site
was built by and for me as Graduate Teaching Associate in Summer & Fall 2006.

Principles of Digital Media is the first
course all UCF Digital Media majors must take. This site built by and for me as a Graduate Teaching Associate at UCF for Summer and Fall 2006.

 was a
course-assigned site built by UCF students under my supervision for FL Artist Rebecca Osborne [site currently not actively updated].


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